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Savoy Ball Room To Blues

Has The Best Choreographers Choreographing The Best In Juke-Joint-Blues, Ball Room To Blues, Disco,Opera, Dance Movement


Dancing With Roller-Skate On 

Plan Your Next Gala Event,



Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance Event Planners 

Savoy Ball Room to Blues Dance offers a diverse range of exclusive Savoy Ball Room Social Dance Classes Workshops, Event  planning big and small  Event-Planning  solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on (Providing High Quality) Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Lindy, Soul, Disco, Education, Event-Services offer a quality guarantee on all Dance Classes, and we are the Best in teaching ( Ragtime, Blues, Swing, and (Dancing on Roller Skating (www.Newyorkrollerskateopen.com)


Small, large Or Individual, Requests Will Be Met With Expert Advice. Individualized Attention, And Innovative Solutions Because Every One Is Different. 


Contact us and discover all we have to offer.Our staff is looking forward to speaking and teaching with you.


 Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance Theatre 

Blues,Ragtime,Jazz,Swing,Soul,Disco Dancing  Roller Dance Skating 














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