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 Sissieretta Jones, Aida Overton Walker, Bill Robertson, Florence Price, Bessie Smith, Catherine Dunham, Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington, Debbie Reynolds, Ethel Waters, Ella FitzGerald, Sarah Vaughan, Esther Phillips, Mickey Rooney, Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Sugar Sullivan, Ginger Rogers, Vincent Vannelli, Stanley Dunham, Count Basie, Stanley Donna, Count Basye. Benny Goodman, Gene Kelly, Doisy Dandridge, Cyd Charisse, Eleanor Powell, Pearl Bailey, the Nicholas Brothers, Sammy Davis Junior, Nancy Wilson, Doris Day, Beverly Sills, Alice Cole Train, Leontyne Price, and many others that All brought a level hall of style and sophistication to dance and music (blues and jazz) that has been seen before we are the Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance organization that is taking America's social dance and it's music (blues, jazz, gospel, big-band soul ) music to a new level of blues, jazz,  Gospel with pizzazz!


The Savoy ballroom two blues dance project will focus on entertainment ( performing arts ) and educational purposes to help educate people of all nationalities and culture, but mainly people of color about the history of music and dance mainly focusing on America's first social dance (Swing Dance) (Ragtime and Blues) swing  and the music was Blues, Gospel, Jazz and  also, the organization will offer free and MTA Metro Cards for students to get to dance classes workshops pay for dance classes at various dance schools and the dance theater of Harlem school for dance as well as career guidance counseling for students tutoring services for students  in science math such as physics as well as economics music reading and writing amount other subjects. The organization has a vision to help heal the Harlem community economically and spiritually some of the organization major goals are to help students become productive and tomorrow's citizen build bridges with goals that are interested in the revitalization all of Harlem as well as to ignite a spark and flare that will bring back the sophistication of the Harlem Renaissance


   Sincereiy, Brenda Jenkins MA, Educational Consultant

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