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Can you find a better way to exercise and have fun at the same time

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Savoy Ball Room To Blues 

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Starting July & August 2022

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Our eye opening 2.1/2 hour work shops offer you A clear path to the next level's of your dance though hands on, feet on detailed, stragies and technique's prove effective in every area of your Ragtime, Swing, Blues and  Dancing. We work with detaited  step-by-step feet-on and hands-on action plan's for you to advance to your goal's to creat your Style, Beauty, Grace, and technique


In order to be able to focus understand the stages of learning rhythm, melody, bridge and hook with in the music. is the Music, 


Learned To Dance By Dancing and Tutoring Instructions from New York Best

africam-american, And american, partner dancing, 4 Hours Dance-Practice-Workshop 

Learn to Dance by Dancing and Tutoring Instructor From Some Of New York Best dancer.




Artistic Director, Dancer Choreographer, Writer, video-music-audio-director,  Roller Skating dance choreographer, music dance philospher, Alazar R Deas And His Team

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Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance. Has the most knowledgeable and well informed teaching and training team in your interest, and we are number one in teaching Ragtime, Blues, Swing, and Dance Roller skating. We are number one in getting you to the level of your dance


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Savoy Ball Room To Blues

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Juke Joint, Ball Room To Blues, Swing

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Our eye opening 3.1/2 hour dance practice work shops offer you a clear path to the next level's of your dance though hands on, feet on detailed, strategies and technique's prove effective in every area of your Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Ball-Room-To-Blues, Dancing. We  work with detailed  step-by-step, feet-on, hands-on, action plan's for you to advance to your goal's to creating your Style, Beauty, Grace, and Technique on the dance floor 

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In order to be able to focus, understand the stages of learning, rhythm, melody, bridge, and hook with in the music Is dancing in the Music





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Ron Allen and the Harlem Renaissance Big Band has been part of the Harlem music screen since Wells Chicken and Waffles going back more than 25 years ago on seventh Avenue.

 I often ask myself the question, do the Harlem and black community, know that they have a Big Band that play types of Music. Classical, Blues, Jazz, Social, Music. 1 question I asked myself. Why don't they come out, do they know what African American Social Behavior Is, Quality Of Morals Values in Life Is.  African-American Social Attitude, Social Behavior also brought along a Social Education System starting from  Of Value,  A number of the many things I  that we me I know we need to go back to African American social behavioral starting around 1877 when reconstruction started, it started a new life for the black race. Life of success life of well-being education. LAWYERS, SCIENTISTS, CARDIOLOGIST, MORE FIRMS, BUSINESSES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS, LOAN-Institution, Schools Universities Ballrooms, Casinos Gambling Houses, Restaurant, Bar is After-Hour-Clubs, Shoemakers to Ellers Barber-Shop BEAUTY Shops addresses Haberdasheries, Dress Shops, Clubs,  Self-Employment and the Music kept it All Alive and well. African-American Social Behavior, African-American Social Dance, 1877  to 1970's Opera, Classical Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Swing, The behavior of trust, into the Life, well-being on the dance floor. Dance floor the church, the house hold, Home to school, in the Neighborhood, Block Parties,  so far!Some the answer is, a great number of Black People have lost or don't know what African-American Social Behavior Social Behavior. To name some that is important music and dance. African music, African dance, is not A African American Social  must go back to the original allergy of the behavior and the dance and the music we must go back to where it all started at I am not talking about Congo Square, Louisiana  1600 when slaves were allowed  to go dance on Sunday I am not talking about from that point of Congo Square. I am talking about from 1817 reconstruction up until about 1970's of African African-American Social Behavior and when we move from enter action and dancing and performing and behavior in our African American social was social we lose our culture we lose our generations, lose the respect that the ancestors has before, set for

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AGAIN IN 2022 





A coming together of blues, jazz, music

 dance workshops, dance classes, seminar, and dancing

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