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Artistic Director, Dancer Choreographer, Writer, video-music-audio-director,  Roller Skating dance choreographer, music dance philospher, Alazar R Deas And His Team

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Artistic Director, Dancer Choreographer, 

One of our mission is to build an audience for and promote America's first Social Dance  (Swing Dance) and America first Social Music? (Jazz) performances social events, music,  blues, jazz, big-band for people of all ages and nationalities. New York City is our home office. We are in the planning stages of several kick off events in 2018, for which we are starting at our venue for Jook Joint Blues,Swing Dance,Ball Room To Blues Social Events. Talk-Shows, Classes, Workshops and so much more.


Initial, we have planned two fundraisers one in the spring and the second in November or Decmber me also plan a series of paid and free  classes and workshops for the public.

It is our desire to direct always second initial fundraiser efforts towards meeting New Yorkers many of whom are constituent that you also serve. we know that you the Harlem community and businesses will be as excited as we are about the potential for supporting these events, which we know will become internationally recognize


We are the Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance Theater. 


American Music and Dancing

At It's Best 

Blues,(Native American,Opera,Classical,Country,Hip-Hop)

Ragtime(1-Step, 2-Step, Box-Step,Slow-Drag, Scroll,Tango-?)  Jazz, Rhythm-and-Blues, Swing,

Disco, Rock and Roll  

Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance is committed to preserving and teaching American and African-American first Social Dance and  preserving Americans Music Jazz and offering free Dance and Jazz Education to all who wants it. More than  of Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance Classes are free.( Native American Dance Is America's First Dance).

It's Not What You Doing It's The Way You Do The Things You Do

Our attention to service and quality has made us the leader in teaching Ragtime, Swing, Blues Improvisation, Slow Drag, Dance Roller Skating. At Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! With our knowledge, teaching and range of services, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Taught by top professionals!

Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance has the most knowledgeable and well informed teaching and training team in your interest (Ragtime, Swing, Blues, Jazz ) We are #1 in teaching Dance Roller Skating. We are #1 in getting You  to the levels of your dance.

Savoy Ball Room To Blues Dance is committed to helping you become a leader in dancing Ragtime, Swing, Blues, Lindy, Savoy Ball Room Social Dance, and Roller Dance Skating. 

Our Teachers are committed to helping you get the knowlege you need to develop rhythmic, harmonic leadership and comfort on the dance floor.

Free Ragtime, Blues, and Swing Dance Classes

Starting  2022

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